Tanzania Climate Conditions

East Africa is a diverse pool of experiences and wonders.  The following information may be helpful in planning your safari adventure.   

Tanzania has a generally comfortable tropical climate year-round, although there are significant regional variations.

Along the warmer and humid coast, the climate is determined in large part by the monsoon winds, which bring rains in two major periods.

During the masika (long rains), from mid-March to May, it rains heavily almost every day, although seldom for the whole day, and humidity can be high. The lighter mvuli (short rains) fall during November, December and sometimes into January.

The coolest months countrywide are from June to October and the warmest from December to March.

Average temperature

The coastal region of Dar es Salaam and the off-shore islands of Mafia, and Pemba, are tropical with relatively high humidity. The average temperature, which is moderated by the sea breeze, especially on the islands, ranges between 27 and 29 degrees Celsius (80-84 degrees Farenheit).

In the higher areas in the Arusha region, the temperature occasionally drops below 10 degrees Celsius at night during the months of June and July and even lower on the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater.

Dave McKelvie